At Vasque, we celebrate our past as we help shape the future. So it’s nice to know Vasque’s history reaches back half a century to the tradition of handmade mountain boots inspired by the Alps. For ages, Europeans have flocked to their high country, enjoying ancient trails over alpine cols. Our founder, William D. Sweasy, recognized the beauty in moving through the hills and brought the passion home--and Vasque boots were born.

Vasque boots helped open America’s great ranges—the Rockies, the Sierras, the Tetons, the Whites, the Cascades, to name a few—to people who’d never experienced the simple, profound joy of breaking a sweat above rock, gravel, snow, and ice. That was 1964. Nowadays, we’re as familiar a name as Mount Rainier, Canyonlands, or the AT. But the adventure—the wonder of discovery—never gets old. Your adventures, your discoveries, are as much a part of the Vasque legacy as the first pair of Sundowners, as we together write the next chapters of the great American outdoor adventure.

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