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Vasque Athlete Duncan Callahan is Victorious at Spring Desert Ultra 50

Apr 19, 2011

In his third race of the year Vasque trail athlete, Duncan Callahan, takes first place and sets a personal record at the Spring Desert Ultra 50 miler.

Course at Spring Desert Ultra

Course at Spring Desert Ultra

After a great winter of training and coaching the Crested Butte Nordic Team, Callahan found himself focused and ready for the race which had eluded him in years past. Callahan arrived at the challenging 50 mile race fired up and prepared to tackle a good field of competition. The course, which has a total elevation gain of 8000 feet from start to finish, consists of two 25-mile single track loops on rolling hills between 4,500 and 5,400 feet while providing incredible views of desert rock formations.

“I love it here in Fruita/Loma,” states Callahan. “The course is just spectacular, with over 43 miles of single track and beautiful views, I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Sweet singletrack!

Sweet singletrack!

Callahan was conservative early on in the race and attempted to run a consistent race. Leading the pack, Callahan was feeling strong until the last 5 miles of the race when he really had to reach within and find the strength to push through to the finish. It served him well as he set a personal record of 7 hours 38 minutes, 22 minutes ahead of second place finisher Corey Hanson.

“I wore the Vasque Mindbenders and my feet felt great throughout the entire race,” stated Callahan. “I am looking forward to wearing them in my next race on May 7 at the Collegiate Peaks 50 miler in Buena Vista, CO.”

Callahan finished in first place followed by second place, Corey Hanson with 8:00 and third place overall and first place women’s, Anita Ortiz with 8:16.

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