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Callahan competes in San Juan Solstice 50 and Baker’s Edge - Vasque Team Take on PA30

Jul 08, 2011

On Saturday June 18, 2011, Vasque Athlete, Duncan Callahan, competed in the San Juan Solstice 50-miler finishing in a very respectable 7th place with a time of 9:54:28. The San Juan Solstice held in the San Juan Mountains of south-central Colorado,is replete with all those adventurous components that go along with a long day in the high mountains: stream crossings, ridge running, mega-altitude, huge views, heat and/or rain, sleet, and snow.


Vasque Athlete Duncan Callahan

“This was one of those races that I just had to put my head down and keep grinding it out,” says Callahan. “From the start, things were off and not moving well, but that is what makes the sport of ultra-running so great, it rewards perseverance and persistence, if not immediately, then definitely over the long term.”

Many runners reported that the road up Silver Coin was one of the worst ascents they have taken on in any race. The road section from the second Silver Coin Aid to Camp Trail was another very difficult section of the course. The course had 184 runners at the start line and a record 157 runners cross the finish line.

“I was battling tired legs and heavy breathing from the start, but I did manage to come away from this race with a unique perspective and healthy feet, as I ran yet another race in the Vasque Transistor.”

Looking ahead, Callahan will be competing in the Hardrock 100 in Silverton, CO in July.

SJS 50 3

In another part of the country, the Baker’s Edge/Vasque Adventure Race Team, which includes president and CEO Matthew Griffin, took on the Planet Adventure 30-Hour Challenge on Friday June 17, 2011 in Paoli, IN.

Baker's Edge1

Baker's Edge/Vasque Adventure team prepares

Just like last year, the PA Challenge began and finished at Paoli Peaks, but this year Planet Adventure mapped out a totally new course in an entirely new area. Racers covered 85-120 miles on foot, bike and boat.

“In hindsight, we made one disastrous navigation choice that sapped our power and caused us to miss a cut off time,” says Griffin. “Unfortunately, we were out after 16 hours.”

Baker's Edge 3

Crazy big spiders! Photo credit to Joe Shorb

Not a complete loss, the team was ranked well in the first third of the race after encountering a section of forest full of extremely large spiders, and opting to go for a 2 hour bushwhack climb instead of a 4 hour trail hike. The team raced in Vasque Mindbenders. Next up for the team of adventurers is the second leg of the TNT Trial Series on June 28.

Baker's Edge2

30 hours of adventure




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