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Vasque Visits Asheville, NC

Apr 01, 2013

Recently Julie Quinn and Chris Miller of Vasque made a visit to Asheville, NC for a 2-Day Marketing Summit with Vasque's PR Firm, Darby Communications

Below are some highlights from our meetings and jaunts around the funky town of Asheville:

Upon arrival, we kicked off the visit with a delicious dinner at the Jamaican restaurant Nine Mile in the historical, Victorian neighborhood of Montford. Well known for its architecture, many bed & breakfasts, and that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife Zelda Fitzgerald died in a sanatorium there, Montford is full of interesting history and ghost stories.

The following day we began our summit with the Darby Comm team. We closed ourselves up in their conference room with plenty of coffee, water and snacks and proceeded to work on our marketing strategy for the rest of 2013 as well as looking further ahead into 2014. It’s amazing what four people can get done when there is no email or phone calls interrupting them. From planning out exciting media events and sponsorships for the second half of the year to looking at big picture ideas for programs and events in 2014, we hammered through our lengthy list with just a quick lunch break in the River Arts District. (Lunch at White Duck Taco gave everyone a jolt of energy that was much needed for round 2.) Back at it that afternoon, we wrapped up the day with local brews at Asheville’s newest and very popular brewery, Wicked Weed, and were thrilled to be joined by Hope Buttitta from Grassroots Outdoor Alliance.

Lunch break at White Duck Taco

Brewskie break at Wicked Weed Brewing

On Friday, we focused on Summer Outdoor Retailer and the exciting Outsiders Ball. Always a fun time to plan and strategize around, Outdoor Retailer this summer is going to be monumental for Vasque and we were excited to begin the planning and execution of the projects going on around these two events.

After a full morning discussing event planning for Outdoor Retailer, it was time to get into the great outdoors. We went for a nice hike in Bent Creek Experimental Forest. Just 10 minutes outside of town, this area is where Asheville’s trail lovers can get in beautiful trail runs and mountain bike rides without having to drive too far from home. It was nice to get away from the deep snow in MN for some sun and warmer temperatures and see the beginning signs of spring. All in all the week proved to be an incredibly successful marketing summit - with great ideas and strategies for a successful year. 


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