2018 Thru Hike Syndicate

A Vasque partner-powered ambassador initiative

We’re thrilled to present the 5th year of the Thru-Hike-Syndicate. The 14 ambassadors chosen for the 2018 season were chosen from a pool of nearly 350 applicants. Each ambassador was chosen based on a combination of factors, including their trail selections, hiking experience (the roster includes a mix of experienced thru hikers and first-timers), passion for the outdoors, photographic and storytelling abilities, compelling personal stories and unique perspectives. In total, the 2018 ambassadors plan to hike over 20,000 miles and 9 trail systems. The 2018 Thru-Hike-Syndicate will be wearing and testing a wide variety of our trail footwear, and we’re excited to follow along.

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Meet the Hikers

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