Vasque Classics —
Well Hiked

In 1984, we made the Sundowner and the Skywalk. Two of our well hiked, Vasque Classics. They are back, with U.S. tanned waterproof leather, old school styling and the hiking chops you remember. A surprising number of people are still hanging on to their first pair. When people call us asking what they should do with them, we send them to Dave Page, a cobbler in Seattle. When they ask us if we still make them like we used to, we surprise them by saying, "Yes." Today's Sundowner and Skywalk are every bit the boots they were in 1984 – just ask Dave.

Skywalk GTX

Skywalk GTX

Classic meets new with rough-cut, U.S.-tanned leather, abrasion protection, and a GORE-TEX® waterproof-breathable liner.

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Skywalk GTX

Sundowner GTX

A tried and true classic, built from U.S.-tanned leather, with the same sole construction, stitch pattern, GORE-TEX® and legendary durability that made the Sundowner into an icon.

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The Sole of an Original

The Pyrenees sole on the Sundowner and Skywalk was made possible by a one-piece, sturdy midsole and shank combined with an outsole that is cemented, not welted. Over the years, no other sole design has ever proven as durable and comfortable. So we are making them the same way today.

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