Nalini Ravindranath

Nalini Ravindranath


Wonderland Trail / Washington, DC

My ten year-old self always wanted to try new (and sometimes scary) things, but managed to talk myself out of most of them. If I could give advice to a ten year-old me, I'd tell her to shut out the fear and jump into every new experience with joy! This will be my first extended backpacking trip in the West Coast and I feel like I'm headed to Disney World! Last summer, I hiked to Camp Muir, but half way through the Muir snowfield, I didn't think I could go further. I sat down for a couple of hours as I contemplated my next step. I finally decided to take two steps forward, two more, and two more after that. Eventually, I made it to Camp Muir. Every time, I see a picture of Mt. Rainier now, I remember that my inner strength is fierce and my body is stronger and more capable than my mind thinks capable.

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