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As The Outdoor Retailer Show moves on from Salt Lake City for Denver 2018, Vasque will unite with OR attendees in thanking Utah for its beautiful public lands, national parks, inspiring people and unforgettable experiences. As a gesture of gratitude, Vasque will help young Utahans to explore their own state’s exceptional public lands leaving a positive legacy with Utah residents.    

Vasque will partner with the Outdoor Foundation to acknowledge Utah’s important contributions to the outdoor industry at this year’s show. Outdoor Retailer attendees are encouraged to show their appreciation by writing down their favorite outdoor experience in the state and share it on a map for all to see. This map of memories will pay homage to the greatness of Utah’s public lands and the opportunities for adventure it provides. 

Because Vasque is committed to empowering and equipping young people to get outside and create formative adventures, each story shared through the Thank You Utah campaign will provide the resources to get Utah youth into the Utah wilderness through Parks 4 Kids.

Through a partnership with Parks 4 Kids in combination with our in-kind donation, we believe that while this tradeshow is moving away from Utah, our ‘Thank You Utah’ campaign will leave the state better than we found it by ensuring that discovery of the incredible places in Utah is possible for years to come by young Utahans. 

Tune into our social media channels for live coverage of what’s happening at the final OR Show hosted by the fine city of Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Utah Youth Postcard - Outdoor Retailer 2017

Pledge to keep Utah wild with a simple note from Vasque. For every note, we’ll send one Utah youth to explore their home state in the most impactful way – OUTDOORS.

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